Turn Your Garden Building In To A Garden Room

Garden Structures in Lincolnshire

We Can Line And Insulate Existing Garden Buildings

Convert your Garden Building in to an all year round use Garden Room.

Garden Structures in Lincolnshire

We Can Also Upgrade The Windows To Double Glazed

By replacing the glass or installing new Double Glazed windows.

Garden Buildings in Lincolnshire

A Cost Effective Option For A Garden Room

Having us convert your Garden Building is far cheaper than buying new.

Turn Your Standard Garden Building In To A Garden Room.

If you have a Standard Shed, Summer House, Garage or Garden Building it can be changed in to an all year round use Garden Room or Office.

Saving you £1000’s against the cost of buying a new Building.

It’s quick and convenient, normally only taking a few days.

Insulation to the Walls, Roof And Floor

You can have insulation installed in the Walls, Roof and Floor or any combination you require.

We complete any carpentry work needed including noggins and strengthening (if required).

The Insulation used is high quality Celotex or equivalent.

Interior Lining Transforms The Look

The interior is then Lined to the Walls and Roof.

A new internal Floor can also be put in if required.

Trim around the Roof, Walls, Windows and Doors is fitted and Skirting Board is put on completing the job.

Windows and Doors

If your Windows and Doors are suitable we can replace the glass with new Double Glazed Units.

We can also manufacture new Windows and Doors to fit your building if that is preferred.

Windows and Doors are available in Plain, Georgian, Victorian Sash and Leaded Glass.

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